Our Objective

Darwin fund of funds invest in top-tier, US based, early-stage venture capital funds diversified across industry sectors focused on technology, information technology, and healthcare. Individual and institutional investors often lack access to top-tier funds, face minimum investment requirements, and the limited diversification within a single venture capital fund make it a less than ideal investment. We provide top-tier venture capital investing with diversification, scaling, and administrative and cost effectiveness.

Investment Strategy

Darwin fund of funds evaluate numerous factors when investing: past performance, managerial and technology experience, team cohesion, alignment of limited partner and general partner interests, and a firm’s standing within the venture capital and entrepreneurial community. Investments are chosen in an effort to maximize returns while minimizing risk.

Diversification is a critical component of our investment strategy. We allocate investments across industry sectors – technology, information technology, healthcare, and across vintage years. Investments across vintage years lessen the risk attributable to funds of a single vintage year and provide access to top-tier venture firms that may not be fundraising in a given year.

Through these strategies, we provide a venture capital investment with a lower risk profile than investing in a single venture capital fund. This allows for returns in line with top-tier venture capital funds.

The Fund of Funds Advantage

Darwin fund of funds provide the benefits of professionally managed venture capital fund of funds including:

  • Access
    Investments in top-tier US-based early-stage venture capital funds.
  • Diversification
    Participating in top-tier venture funds while spreading risk across industry sectors and vintage years.
  • Early-stage Venture Capital
    Historically one of the higher performing assets within the venture capital asset class.
  • Investment Scaling
    Individual investors face the hurdle associated with minimum investment requirements. Institutional investors face the administrative burdens of making various investments. We mediate these obstacles by allowing investors to scale-up or scale-down.
  • Administrative & Cost Effectiveness
    Venture Capital investing requires industry experience, extensive due diligence, and legal and tax work. Investors must spend a significant amount of time developing and maintaining relationships with venture capital firms. We provide efficient outsourcing of administrative and investment professionals.